Management for Safe Dams

Dams are a benefit to the society. The symposium purpose is to share information to maintain or increase the safety of dams and their associated benefits. There is a growing interest from both authorities and investors that contribute to the development and complements ICOLD initiatives. Global Standard On Tailings Management and updating of national legislation and guidelines are examples.

We encourage contributions on the six themes for dams with various purposes such as hydropower, flood control, irrigation, levees and other consumptive uses, as well as mine tailings.

Symposium Themes

1. Safety management of dams and levees

2. Surveillance and condition monitoring

3. Analysis, modelling and decision making

4. Rehabilitation and dam safety measures

5. Climate & environmental adaption

6. Innovation

Submission of abstracts open until 16 October

Photo below © Landafors-Ljusnan