Workshops and Short courses

In addition to the ordinary Technical Committee workshops the annual meeting also offer of a series of workshops and short courses related to contemporary themes in today’s dam society. Take the opportunity to update your knowledge by taking a short course or share your experience in a workshop together with other leading international experts. The following preliminary topics will be dealt with:

  • New ICOLD Tailings bulletin (SC)
  • Static Liquefaction (SC)
  • Concrete Dam Modelling (SC)
  • Capacity Building (WS)
  • Rock Engineering Issues (WS)
  • Defect Detection in Embankment Dams (WS)
  • Operational Safety of Dams & Reservoirs (WS)
  • Strategies & Adaption to Changing Climate (WS)
  • Environmental Adaption of Dams (WS)

Photo below © Landafors-Ljusnan