ICOLD ANNUAL MEETING 2023 cares about sustainability!

As an organiser, ICOLD ANNUAL MEETING 2023 are working hard when planning the conference to reduce the impact on the environment and climate. However, a conference of this size always affects the environment due to the amount of people participating in the conference e.g.  the increased travel, food and waste et cetera. This means that we encourage our partners to act in a sustainable way.


Gothenburg is a world leader within sustainable meetings and the greenest hotel city in the world!

The Global Destination Sustainability (GDS) Index compares cities to determine how well they meet a long list of sustainability criteria in four different categories: social, supplier, convention bureau and environmental. The GDS-index was created to help Destinations, Convention Bureaus, Event Planners and Suppliers drive the adoption and recognition of sustainable practices in their city and in the global events industry. Gothenburg have scored first place in the GDS each year from 2016-2019 ahead of several well-known conference destinations.

Read about Gothenburg and Sustainability here;

The venue – Svenska Mässan

When choosing the venue Svenska Mässan we feel confident that the ICOLD ANNUAL MEETING 2023 event will live up to our sustainability standards. For Svenska Mässan the work on sustainability goes back several years and is under constant development. The venue is certified according to ISO 20121. Read about Svenska Mässan and Sustainability here;

– Working towards ICOLD ANNUAL MEETING 2023 becoming environmentally friendly is gratifying and important. We also hope that all delegates and visitors who come to ICOLD ANNUAL MEETING 2023 will help us to live up to the environmental goals that we are aiming to fulfill.

ICOLD ANNUAL MEETING 2023 efforts to reduce carbon footprint / Environmental policy

Green meetings are based on a sustainability framework which balances environmental, economic and social impacts in context of an Association’s business needs.

The conference is working towards having limited impact on the environment through careful consumption of energy and resources. This includes amongst other things to electronically circulating meeting materials, online file sharing, not produce unnecessary conference material and products and if so, choose environmentally friendly and social friendly products as well as providing healthy food and hosting meetings and social events in central locations. Although hosting an entirely sustainable meeting does take work, it’s worth the effort, and implementing some environmentally friendly practices can make a positive impact and generates sustainable solutions.

These guidelines are provided for coordinators, committees and contractors to the Conference and aim to educate and inspire continued mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions. These guidelines will be continually evaluated as technologies and mitigation options continue to change.

ICOLD ANNUAL MEETING 2023 Sustainability Vision

Setting the tone as a leading conference in the industry, ICOLD ANNUAL MEETING 2023 local arranging organisation recognises that we have a responsibility to preserve the environment and will endeavour to perform environmental management based on a good balance between environmental conservation and business development.

We will also proactively disseminate information and proposals to the public in order to contribute to the realisation and expansion of a sustainable society, as a good corporate citizen.

We hope and think that the ICOLD ANNUAL MEETING 2023 will inspire to a sustainable focus on organizing this event in the future as well.

Some of the things we do:

The venue Svenska Mässan, the hotels and social events are all located in the city centre and you can walk between them all.

The Hotels are chosen that have effective and comprehensive environmentally-friendly policies and operations.

Sponsors are actively sought who reflect positive environmental values and practices. We have active communication with all sponsors regarding the ICOLD ANNUAL MEETING 2023 sustainability policy.

For most conference meals that are provided by the conference we choose not to serve meat.

At the venue we will offer vegetarian alternatives for all lunches.

All coffee/tea served at the “fika” breaks (coffee breaks) will be organic and Fairtrade.

All social events venues has been chosen that are considering the environment, serving MSC certified fish and using locally produced products if possible.

Swedish tap water is of such a high quality and tap water stations will be available throughout the venue.

The venue is providing waste separation bins in the conference area and the waste from other bins will be sorted later at the waste station.

Printed materials are kept to a minimum and all printed paper provided by the conference such as the program is made of certified paper (Svanen). Conference materials such as abstracts, and proceedings are provided online.

Gifts and give aways are minimised. ICOLD ANNUAL MEETING 2023.

Conference bags are chosen with a sustainable thought, they are made from recycled cotton and are corporate social responsibility approved (CRS), meaning we care about the people that provided us with the conference bags.

Conference delegate badges made of paper (FSC certified) and no plastic.

What you as a visitor can do:

There are excellent bus shuttles from Göteborg Landvetter Airport stopping just outside the venue. The bus stop is called “Korsvägen”, find more info here;

In Gothenburg we walk! The venue is located in the city centre, all hotels and social venues are located by walking distance from each other – walk and explore the city, use the public transportations or the city bikes instead of taking taxis. Read more here;

Please follow the waste separation instructions at the venue and at your accommodations when available.

Swedish tap water is of such a high quality, choose this instead of bottled water. Tap water stations will be available throughout the venue. Bring your own bottles and fill them up with tap water.

Choose vegetarian options for your lunches and other meals if possible, Gothenburg is a great city for vegetarian food. Read more here;

If you are shopping, the city is providing a “Sustainable shopping guide”. Read more here ;

If you have any questions or suggestions to the sustainability work for the conference you are most welcome to contact us at:

Please participate in a climate-friendly way!

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