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Technical Excursion 1: Lilla Edet | Trollhättan-Locks

This excursion is FULLY BOOKED

Date: 14 June or 15 June
Time: 09:00-18:00
Place: The bus departs from Svenska Mässan, Entrance no 8 – Please be there 15min before departure
Cost: 600 sek excl. vat (pre-registration is mandatory)

This technical excursion will be visiting the hydropower plant Lilla Edet. This is one out of four hydropower plants in the river Göta Älv, draining the largest lake in Sweden, Vänern, flowing out in Kattegatt on the west coast of Sweden. The hydropower plants in Göta Älv are of great importance since they regulate the water levels in Vänern. Lilla Edet is under re-construction where the old spillways are being replaced. The new construction must be able to withstand higher expected waterflows then before. During our visit we will learn more about the re-construction which is planned to be completed by the end of 2025.

After our visit at Lilla Edet, we will go to the city of Trollhättan, located by Göta Älv. Göta Älv has six ship locks, of which four are in Trollhättan. The locks used in Göta Älv were opened in 1916 and are planned to be replaced by new locks by 2030. The construction of this project is planned to start by 2025. We will learn more about this project during our visit. We will also have a tour around the historical locks, with the oldest from 1800 to the once being used today.


Technical Excursion 2: Rydal-Kinna | Kinnaström


Unfortunately, we are not able to provide this study tour due to too few participants.

Date: 14 June
Time: 09:00-17:00
Cost: 600 sek excl. vat

On this technical excursion we will learn the importance of hydropower and dams for the textile industry. Along the river of Viskan there were many textile factories in the beginning of the 20th century. Many of these factories built their own power plants to be able to provide their factories with electricity.

We will travel to Rydal hydropower plant, which is located a bit south of Borås, owned by the company Vattenfall. The power station was built to provide the nearby cotton spinning factory with electricity and was put into operation in 1916. The factory was the first one in Sweden with indoor electrical lights in 1882, which was produced by a dynamo generator located where the power plant later was built. The old factory, which was built 1853, is now a museum. We will get a guided tour of both the power station and the factory.

In 1917 the company Viskans Kraft AB was started with the aim of building more hydropower plants to be able to provide electricity to the factories in the nearby area. We will learn more about Viskans Kraft and get to see two of the power plants built by Viskans Kraft, Kinna (1937) and Kinnaström (1953).


Technical Excursion 3: Håverud-Dals Långed – FULLY BOOKED

This excursion is FULLY BOOKED

Date: 14 June
Time: 08:00-18:00
Place: The bus departs from the Hotel Gothia Towers Entrance,  Mässans gata 24
Cost: 600 sek excl. vat (pre-registration is mandatory)

On this technical excursion we will travel north from Gothenburg to Håverud and travel by boat on the Dalsland Canal and river Upperudsälven. The canal enables ships to travel between lake Vänern and central parts of Dalsland, all the way up to Hånsfors in Värmland, and was of great importance for the industries in the area from the mid-1800s and the century thereafter.  

As we arrive in Håverud we will have a look at the aqueduct, the locks, the dams and hydropower plant.  We will then board one of the canal ships and travel slowly upstream while guides will tell us more about the intertwined industrial history of iron production, paper mills, hydropower and transport along river Upperudsälven. Along the trip we will have lunch and pass locks at Buterud and Mustadfors, where a very old mill the heart of the Mustad Group, the worlds largest manufacturer and seller of horseshoes and horseshoe nail.

The boat trip will end in Dals Långed at its hydropower plant, originally taken into operation in 1911, owned and recently refurbished by Vattenfall. We will look at the dams, fishways and spillways and learn more about the history of the dams. The masonry spillway was almost destroyed from excess flooding during construction in 1909 – 1910 and the foundation of the dam severely damaged.

We will return to Gothenburg by bus. 

Technical Excursion 4: Flood Protection Gothenburg

This excursion is FULLY BOOKED

Date: 14 June
Time: 13:30-17:00
Cost: 600 sek excl. vat (pre-registration is mandatory)
Place: The boat will leave from Packhuskajen 13:30, you can see the location here: If you would prefer to walk together, we will meet up outside the main conference entrance to the Swedish Congress and Convention Center at 13.00 (Entrance no 8, Mässans gata 8).
If you rather take the public transport, the nearest stop is Stenpiren, you will find the easiest travel path from Korsvägen to Stenpiren here:

On this technical tour, we will talk about the flood protection of the city which is a part of making Gothenburg more resilient to the effects of climate changes. The city of Gothenburg has experience floods several times in the last decade. Due to the fact that Gothenburg is located along the west coast of Sweden with a large river, Göta älv, running through the city, Gothenburg is prone to flooding from both rising sea levels and extreme river flow. Göta Älv drains Vänern, the largest lake of Sweden, and is regulated by four hydropower plants. To achieve a good flood protection, a close cooperation with the dam owners is vital.

We will travel by boat through Gothenburg and presentations will be held by the city of Gothenburg, the Consultants (Sweco) and the dam owners (Vattenfall). We will visit the flood protection measures that have already been constructed and hear about the other mitigation measures and structures that are planned to be implemented in the future. We will also learn more about the cooperation between the city of Gothenburg and the dam owners throughout the project.

We reserve the right to cancel any technical excursion if there is not enough persons booked on a particular tour. For security reasons, restrictions may also apply. 

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