Things to do in Gothenburg

Gothenburg is an old harbor city located on the Swedish west coast. Founded almost 400 years ago the city blends a distinct feeling of charm with the pulse of modern urban life. In less than 30 minutes from the downtown area you’ll be on a ferry to explore the tranquil archipelago. The city is filled with flourishing gardens, historic sites and buildings, beautiful churches and magnificent museums, and the tram rattled streets are lined with pleasant cafés and restaurants.

Take the opportunity in conjunction with ICOLD 2023 to explore Gothenburg.

Gothenburg is an international city with a lot of green parks, interesting architecture and historical sites . The ICOLD 2023 accompanying persons program will include activities for all interests: art, history, cycling, shopping and more, both in Gothenburg and in the region.

On the Gothenburg Tourist Centre website you can find out more about the city and what to do. Here are some highlights:

• You can get out to the archipelago of Gothenburg and its craggy coast and picturesque fishing villages in less than an hour. Spend a day in the archipelago of Gothenburg.
• Classical tour with the sightseeing boat Paddan along the canals of Gothenburg. Or sightseeing with a Hop on – Hop off bus in Gothenburg.
• Gothenburg is the hometown for the car manufacturer Volvo. Take the opportunity to visit the Volvo museum and learn more about its heritage.
• Experience Liseberg! At the greatest amusement park in Scandinavia, lots of things are pretend, but the experiences are real. You’ll find everything from dizzying rides to music and dance
• Looking for an easy and eco-friendly way to explore the city? A guide to some of Gothenburg’s bike rentals is found on the Travel Information page

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